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Why invest in a writing coach?

Your student has worked hard, and now it’s time to apply.

You may be a seasoned parent with several kids in college or a first-timer unfamiliar with the application process. Either way, you’re in good hands.

I am acutely familiar with the ins-and-outs of what UC hopes to see demonstrated in the four Personal Insight Questions. As a result, I can help students avoid application missteps, reducing stress for everyone.

While I am a UC expert, I can work with students on other college essays as well, allowing a more streamlined and smoother application experience.

Investing in an essay coach will:

Prime your student for a smoother, more informed application process
Guide your student to present themselves in the best light
clarity as your student selects and refines their essay topics
Help your student remain on track and avoid application errors
Create more
peace of mind for parent and student
Allow your student to
maximize writing efforts and complete various application essays all in one place

All writers can present themselves well when given the proper direction and opportunity, and I care about giving that chance to anyone who seeks it.

I am here to reassure both you and your student as you navigate this process!

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