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Hello there!

I am so excited to help you craft your story and pursue your first-choice university.

Meet your Coach, Angie

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From being an undergraduate peer English tutor to my 10+ years as an academic editor, I've been helping people improve their writing for most of my life.


For over 7 years, I've worked with students on college admissions essays, specializing in University of California campuses. I have helped students find their voices and express their best selves in hundreds of admissions essays, waitlist statements, and appeal letters. I love helping people find their inner writer and get one step closer to reaching their dreams.

When I'm not coaching students, you can find me reading, cooking or crafting. I'm also a podcast fan and have recently been enjoying Office Ladies.

Contact Me

Reach me directly at or fill out the form below.

I look forward to connecting with you!

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