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Common/Coalition App Schools

Unlock the full potential of your college application essays with Euphony’s expert guidance, and take a significant step towards your educational aspirations.


Euphony’s Comprehensive Common App Service is a structured support system designed to guide students through the intricacies of essay writing for the Common Application, Coalition Application, and other US universities.


With a focus on personalized, one-on-one assistance, this service ensures your application essays reflect your unique voice, experiences, and aspirations, standing out to admissions committees across the board.

Empowering Your Application Journey

  • Tailored Feedback & Strategy: From the initial brainstorm to the final submission, receive expert feedback on drafts, outlines, and topics from Angie Bates, founder of Euphony, and a team of writing coaches, ensuring you're on a path to success from the start.

  • Customized Schedule Development: Together, we'll devise a timeline that keeps your essay writing on track, maintaining momentum and ensuring timely completion for all your application components.

  • Strategic Essay Organization: Navigate the complexities of multiple school applications with our organizational strategies, minimizing the need for additional essays and optimizing your writing efforts.

Why Choose Euphony's Common App Services?

In the competitive landscape of US college admissions, every essay counts. Euphony's Comprehensive Common App Services equip you with the tools, insights, and personalized support needed to craft essays that resonate with your chosen institutions. From strategic planning to detailed revisions, our team is dedicated to elevating your essays—and your application as a whole—to the highest standard.

What’s Included 

  • Foundational Feedback: Receive guidance on selecting compelling topics, developing outlines, and crafting preliminary drafts that capture your narrative.

  • In-Depth Content Reviews: Engage in comprehensive reviews, editing, and trimming of multiple drafts, ensuring clarity, coherence, and impact.

  • Dedicated Phone Support: Up to three phone calls are included (no more than one per week), offering personalized discussions to address concerns and strategize effectively.

  • Responsive Email Queries: Enjoy unlimited email support with responses guaranteed within 48 hours, keeping you connected and informed throughout the process.

Your Essays, Transformed

  • The Personal Statement: Master the art of the 650-word Personal Statement, a pivotal essay sent to every college through the Common App, designed to showcase your personality and align with your application's overarching theme.

  • Supplemental Essays: Tackle the unique challenges of supplemental essays with our expert guidance, ensuring each essay effectively complements the main narrative of your application.

There are two categories of essays for the Common App: The Personal Statement and Supplementals.

The Personal Statement is one 650-word essay that is sent to every college the student applies to through the Common App. This essay is designed to introduce colleges to the student’s personality and build or maintain the overall theme the student wants to portray. 

Most colleges have at least one, sometimes 4 or 5, supplemental essays students need to write. These essays have varying word counts, requirements, and purposes. Although each college has their own set of questions, the questions they ask are often very similar.

The Bundle Benefit

For students navigating both the UC and Common App landscapes, the initial brainstorming phase often uncovers a wealth of ideas, streamlining the subsequent writing tasks for both UC and Common App essays. Combining your efforts with our bundled approach creates synergy between both application processes. You can maximize efficiency, maintain momentum, and ensure a cohesive presentation of your academic and personal journey.

Screenshot 2024-03-18 at 2.31.38 PM.png

For 4 colleges or less, your Personal Statement is included but your Activities List is not. For 5 or more colleges, both your Personal Statement and Activities List will be included. Pricing is based on a range to give you room to add or drop colleges from the list without needing to worry about being required to pay more. Colleges can be added, removed, or swapped until one month before the deadline for that college and/or before we have finished working on the essays for that college (whichever comes first).

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