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Common/Coalition App Schools

This service includes one-on-one support throughout the essay process from brainstorming to submission for your Common App Schools.

Euphony Coaching will:

  • Offer feedback and advice on drafts, outlines, and/or topics to help ensure you are on the right track 

  • Work with you to develop a schedule to help you maintain momentum and complete all your essays in a timely manner.

  • Help you keep track of multiple schools and organize your essays in a way that will minimize the number of new essays you need to write

  • Provide targeted comments and expert advice through multiple rounds of revision

At the end of the process, your essays will be professionally edited and trimmed, so you can focus on the content rather than on grammar and word count as you write and revise.

What's Included

  • Feedback on topic selection, outlines, and preliminary drafting stage

  • Content reviews, editing, and trimming of multiple drafts

  • Phone conferences as needed, limit 3

  • Unlimited questions through email with 48-hour or less response time

There are two categories of essays for the Common App: The Personal Statement and Supplementals.

The Personal Statement is one 650-word essay that is sent to every college the student applies to through the Common App. This essay is designed to introduce colleges to the student’s personality and build or maintain the overall theme the student wants to portray. 

Most colleges have at least one, sometimes 4 or 5, supplemental essays students need to write. These essays have varying word counts, requirements, and purposes. Although each college has their own set of questions, the questions they ask are often very similar.

The Bundle Benefit

If you're applying to both UC and Common App schools, I always recommend combining your efforts! Students end up generating lots of ideas during the initial brainstorming and writing exercises, making it easier to tackle their UC and Common App essays alongside each other.​ Bundling then allows you to maximize your writing time and maintain momentum.


For 4 colleges or less, your Personal Statement is included but your Activities List is not. For 5 or more colleges, both your Personal Statement and Activities List will be included. Pricing is based on a range to give you room to add or drop colleges from the list without needing to worry about being required to pay more. Colleges can be added, removed, or swapped until one month before the deadline for that college and/or before we have finished working on the essays for that college (whichever comes first).

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