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What to Expect

An Overview of the Coaching Process

Regardless of the package you choose, Euphony Coaching will help you create your essays using this general process.

Book a Service

The student or parent will submit a booking request for their desired service. The student will complete a welcome questionnaire in Google Docs that will be included with the submission, as well as shared with


Once the booking has been confirmed, Euphony will issue an invoice for the package or service. Payment must be made prior to beginning work on any essays or other writing.

Welcome Call

The student will complete a welcome questionnaire to prepare for our first call. We’ll discuss their academic goals, major interests and intended universities, establish timelines and deadlines, and brainstorm for the most suitable PIQ topics.

Writing Exercises + Drafts

The student will complete writing exercises based on their welcome call to form the basis for their essay(s). Using Google Docs, revisions will begin and drafts will be honed through 3-5 rounds of editing and revision until we arrive at final, submittable essays with effective content.*


Euphony will trim the essays to the required word limits and do a final checklist review.​

The student’s work with Euphony will be complete, and they’ll submit their applications! Even after submitting, students will have the opportunity to ask any questions that arise.

*For students who have opted into the activities list package, the activity list will be worked on alongside essay drafts

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