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Appeals and Waitlist Statements


Did you not receive the response from UC you were hoping for? Are you planning to appeal to any UC campuses? Book appeal letter coaching services to help ensure you are making a compelling argument for admission and increase your chance of acceptance.


Waitlist Statements

Were you waitlisted at any UC campuses? Are you not sure what information to put in your waitlist statement? Book this service to help ensure you are making a good impression and effectively demonstrating your interest and fit for your top UC campuses.


Appeals + Waitlist

Do you need to write both an appeal letter and a waitlist statement? Book appeal + waitlist coaching services to help increase your chance of acceptance.


What's Included

Receive expert advice, feedback, and editing to ensure you are effectively demonstrating your interest in UC with your waitlist statement or making your best possible case for your appeal letter. Multiple UCs are included.


If you are waitlisted/appealing to more than one UC campus, you will work on a master draft and I’ll break the drafts into different versions at the end of the process. 

  • No limit to the number of revisions (time permitting before deadline)

    • Average number of revisions is 3

  • Written feedback on content, structure, and organization

  • Direct edits to improve word choice, flow, grammar, and tone

  • Final draft trimmed to the word/character limit

  • Final edits to produce multiple versions of your waitlist statement or appeal letter for various UC campuses

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